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Trevithick Day 2017

As a proud Cornishman, I just had to take a wander through the streets of Camborne on Trevithick Day - a celebration of the achievements of Cornish engineer, Richard Trevithick.

Steam traction engines were out in force. As were a great number of DSLR cameras in the hands of local photography enthusiasts!

I didn't take a great deal of snaps myself. My usual preference of portraying the solitude of empty beaches and landscapes to take the viewer into a tranquil paradise were poles apart from the hustle and bustle of this Cornish festival.

So instead, between taking just a few snaps of the puffing relics, and a few more of my nephew, Sam, enjoying the miniature mechanical beasts and classic motorbikes, I simply enjoyed marvelling at the machinery - and wondered how many hours the steam enthusiasts lavished on their pride and joy!

Pictured here is my favourite photo from the day (that doesn't include Sam) - a Replica of Trevithick's steam road locomotive originally built in 1801 - known as "The Puffing Devil."

Further information:

Trevithick Day -

Richard Trevithick (Wikipedia) -

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