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Outdoor Photography Reader Gallery

My biggest "little win" yet!... I had a six page "Reader Gallery" feature in Outdoor Photography magazine (March, issue 278). I even won a pair of Scarpa Maverick GTX hiking boots worth £160! If you missed it, here's the text and photos used in the article...

I kind of fell into landscape photography. I bought my first ‘proper camera’ (a used Lumix G1) in 2012, for the sole purpose of photographing printed graphic design work for my website. A year later, a mate suggested wandering around the picturesque fishing village of Mevagissey with our cameras. This was my first experience of ‘outdoor photography’ - and I was hooked!

Early on, I attended local camera clubs. The advice and inspiration from other members helped me to develop my photography in terms of learning about what makes a good photo and understanding camera settings. I began to study the work of other photographers on social media. I remember being fascinated with the artistic use of slow shutter speeds in landscape photography – which is evident in my own work.

Art & design has always been an interest of mine. As a former Graphic Designer & 3D CAD Animator, I had a head-start with the basics of Photoshop which helped set me on my way. Now, I’m a Crane Lorry Driver for a builders’ merchant. So, landscape photography has become my creative escape.

I mostly shoot local coast or woodland within an hour’s drive from my home in West Cornwall. I try to arrive at location before sunrise as I often find early mornings are when the magic happens. It’s also a great start to a day off! Occasionally, I visit my sister in South Wales, when we tend to explore the Brecon Beacons or the South Wales coast.

In 2019, I spent three days photographing the Chernobyl exclusion zone, which was a very unique, eerie and memorable experience. I’d like to visit more places, with Iceland topping my bucket list.


Hometown: Penryn, Cornwall

Occupation: Crane Lorry Driver

Photography experience: Bought my first ‘proper camera’ (Lumix G1) in March 2012, first outdoor photography trips in January 2013


Godrevy Lighthouse photographed as the rising sun painted the scene in pastel tones. I opted to accentuate the calm water with a one-minute exposure. The long exposure flattened the ripples to reflect the texture of the cloudless sky for balance in the frame.


On this, my first visit to Porthbeer Cove on the Lizard Peninsula, I was treated to an epic sunrise! Clean compositions weren't easy to find - especially while dodging the waves. I felt this one worked though. I chose a vantage point to separate the closest, barnacle covered rocks from those in the mid-ground. A slow shutter speed of one second to captured the movement of the water.


Remains of the Helvetia - a Norwegian sailing vessel which wrecked in Rhossili Bay in 1887. I positioned the camera high - looking down to show the wreck’s shape. I clipped the setting sun behind what I imagine would be the stem post, to both control the light and to create the sun star effect.


Holywell Bay's characteristic ‘Carters Rocks’ at dusk. This location is known for the ‘Poldark’ TV series. While I was shooting this image, preparations were being made behind me for the filming of ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel - ‘House of the Dragons.’


I found this little cove on the Roseland Peninsula while scouring the map for new locations. A slow shutter speed captured the movement of the waves as they washed around the foreground rocks.

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