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Thank you for taking the time to browse my website.

I'm Andrew, a "landscape photographer" based in Cornwall - and I often visit South Wales.

I take photos, first and foremost, of subjects and in a style that interests me. I believe that this is important in order to bring out the best in my work. Maybe that's why my images often tend look less like tourist board photos and more moody & engaging - well at least that's my aim! 

Early morning is my favourite time of day - when locations are peaceful and devoid of people. Sometimes, when on location in the early morning or late evening I'm rewarded with warm sunlight that saturates the scene with rich colour and soft, long shadows to define shapes.

While in Cornwall, I'm drawn to the coast. The ever changing conditions of the tide and weather make for different images every time i visit a location. Sometimes calm & peaceful and sometimes wild & violent. On occasions when the coastal conditions aren't right for me, I switch to photographing Cornwall's inland scenery - such as the woodlands and occasionally the moors.

When I'm in South Wales, I'm drawn to the mountainous landscapes of the Brecon Beacons - and the lakes, woods and waterfalls within. South Wales also has some beautiful coastline. I find the geological and man made coastal features very different to those back home - which I'm keen to explore when I visit.

I've always been "arty!" I began my career with a qualification in graphic design. After a few years as trainee through to assistant project roof truss designer, my employer created a marketing department where I'd begin a 13 year stretch in graphic design, 3D CAD animation and marketing - while I also dabbled in freelance graphics. Since 2017 though, I've worked for a builders' merchant - which has allowed me to focus all my creativity on my photography.

In 2012, I bought my first "proper camera" - a used Lumix G1 Micro Four Thirds. The sole intention for this camera was to photograph my printed designs for my freelance design website. Before long, a friend and keen hobbyist photographer suggested we take our cameras out to photograph the Cornish fishing village of Mevagissey. From then, I was hooked! A couple of upgrades later, I've progressed to using a Canon 6D MkII full frame camera since May 2018.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me... I just hope to keep exploring and keep improving! I'm open to offers though, be it commissions, collaborations, or anything else - free time permitting of course!

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